Microds in Upstate New York

Written by Brett Barnes

Racing World Magazine visits the Mid-State Microd Club in Groton, NY.

IMG_4600In the Northeast there is more to small form factor racing than just the standard Sprint Karts. In Upstate New York survives an older version of the Kart racing world. These machines are a little old fashioned and have a full roll cage, use a 5 horsepower Briggs motor and are called a Microd. Microds look like a small car instead of a Sprint Kart. There is also an open wheel class similar to a Kart, but with more protection for the driver.

IMG_4692croppedDrivers start as young as five years old and can continue into high school. As the drivers get older and more experienced they set up their machines to go faster and faster. Like any other form of racing, a combination of speed, perseverance, and control are necessary at all levels to be competitive.

It is a family atmosphere at the race track as the the pit crews are usually parents and siblings of the driver. One of which is required to be the “handler” during all track runs and stands in the infield to assist the driver in the event of equipment failure or the occasional spin. “I don’t have any children or grandchildren in the program anymore” noted Club President Dave Dann as he prepared to MC the evening’s events. “I am here because I really like to help the kids and families succeed and would much rather see them here then out on the streets getting in trouble.”

IMG_4587The youth drivers not only learn how to drive the cars, but also learn to build and maintain their machines. The club prides itself in building not only future race car drivers, but well rounded family oriented individuals with a high level of sportsmanship.

The New York State Microd Association has four clubs. Clubs are based in Syracuse, Sodus, Southern Tier, and Mid-State. You can find out more about the NYSMA at http://www.nysma.org